Thursday, November 02, 2006

YouTube Goes Wireless

One of the most popular online video sharing sites is planning to go wireless within the next year. So for those individuals who are technological savy, they can do everything and maybe more that YouTube offers from the convenience of their cell phones. YouTube chief executive and co-founder Chad Hurley is predicting that this will be a huge market. YouTube already has over 100 million viewed video clips each day. The company is ahead of their competitors which this proposal and it does sound interesting. Tons of people want their cell phones to do everything. Who would not want their cell phone to have video's on it? I know for sure I would love it. So uploading and sharing personal video clips do not have to be strictly from computers. They soon will be on wireless devices and it will be the next big thing everyone wants.


Greg Delemeester said...

I think Youtube is already affecting the viewing habits of young people. My 12-year old daughter spends an hour or so every day (or so it seems to her father) watching "TV" programs on Youtube. Advertisers will have to react to this change, otherwise they'll be missing out on a whole segment of the viewing population.

JustinMerryman said...

Youtube is a phenomenal website, and has hours and hours of entertainment on it. I discovered the site about a half year ago and check it a few times a week to watch hilarious clips from TV shows, movies, etc. Recently google purchased youtube, so it's growth we'll continue seeing as how everything google touches, turns to gold.