Thursday, November 02, 2006

Football's Quiet Millionaires

The new apparent trend in the NFL these days is to pay the man that's protecting your QB quite handsomely. A study conducted by Michael Lewis, the Author of "Moneyball", the book that changed the way baseballs salary system works, has written a new book called "Blindside", which brings to light the importance of the offensive lines left tackle.
In the NFL the leagues 3rd and 4th highest paid athletes (per season) are both left tackles. This is because the left tackle protects the quarterbacks "blind side" or the side that his back is too when he drops back to make his pass. It's hard to believe that a position that doesn't appear in the boxscore's and receives relatively no praise, is the second best paid position in the league.


David Allen said...

I can believe it. If it was not for them , then there would not be a box score. If that makes sense. The QB's stats would not be that high if they didn't have good linemen.

Garrett Banks said...

I agree with David that the O-line "in the trenches" as it is called is where the game is won. If it weren't for these tackles guards and centers protecting the qb from the defense and creating holes for runningbacks to run through offense wouldn't be so exciting to watch. If this is where the game is won its no surprise to me that teams are willing to pay outrageous amounts of money to players if it means they have a better chance of winning games.