Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cars Over Planes for Holiday Travel

A lot of travellers will choose to fly if it will take more than six hours to drive to their destinations. However, over the past two years, airfares have gone up and gas prices are at a two-year low.

During the holidays, airports are always hectic with family and friends trying to get home. There are the risks of your flight(s) being cancelled or delayed. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, more people, about 91%, travel by car than by air during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Many people also like to combine their holidays with vacations. Jen Catto from Travelocity says when choosing a vacation spot. "ask yourself where people are not going." Where would you choose to go and how would you choose to get there, car or plane?


Abou said...

I definetly agree, i am one lately to choose driving over flying. I think in college there is that experience of "road tripping" that everyone want to have. It's a nice way to get around, the scenary is nice, and you hope that the company is just as great.

Mike Stanek said...

Yes, I would rather travel by car as well, especially if it's only 500 to 1000 miles to you're destination. I would say, however, if you're traveling to California or somewhere out west, time is a key and Thanksgiving break is only 5 days, so for a college student in that scenario flying would be my choice.

Geoff Enz said...

I prefer to travel by car because it allows for you to see many of the sights that you normally don’t see when you are flying. Traveling by car is an inferior good, whereas traveling by plane is a normal good. When gas prices go up and incomes decrease, people look to travel as cheap as possible. Traveling by car allows you to experience all that a vacation is supposed to offer. By traveling by car you not only save money, but also get to receive the opportunity to experience the fun of a vacation.