Thursday, November 02, 2006

Christmas Work!

Need some extra cash during Christmas Break? Go fill out an application now! In the article, “Holiday hiring season begins”, posted on mentions how businesses have started to hire people for seasonal positions, and they seem to be hiring a lot more people than usual! Holiday season is a busy time for stores such as Wal-Mart and Big Lots, and they need all the help they can. It is estimated that about 25% to 40% of their annual sale is from holiday seasons. Big Lots manager McNamee mentions in the article that on average his store adds about five more positions during the holiday season. Also, the reason for the increase in opening positions are due to the fact that managers are giving some full time employees time off to spend with their families. Though just because there is five more positions does not mean that you can sit around and wait till Christmas Break starts. The demands for these jobs are high! McNamee states in the article, “College students aren’t the only ones looking for extra cash. We have everyone across the board apply for seasonal help…Senior citizens, college students, high school students, and really everyone in between”. Are you planning to apply for a Christmas Job? Do you usually have a hard time or a easy time finding a job? If you do plan for some extra cash, take McNamee’s advice: “Now is the time to apply”.

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katiedickson said...

I have noticed a huge increase in hiring already for the upcoming holiday season. I however, already work a full time job and will not be applying anywhere. (If anyone is interested we need someone to sell giftcards @ Logan's Roadhouse in Vienna).

As far as finding a job, this area isn't too bad in finding a job, if you're a server, it is easy to get hired anywhere and if you've ever bartended-even easier.