Thursday, November 02, 2006

Job Growth Matters!!

Studies have shown that the cities that have the fastest job growth are in the southwest. The cities that are known for the fastest job growth arn't even big cities. You would have to move all the way down the list to the 18 spot to find the top city in the east which is Weston, FL. The job growth in the top city is more than 90%, thats outstanding compared to national averages. A list of the top 10 fastest growing cities for jobs is given below.

Top 10 Cities

1. Surprise, AZ
2. Allen, TX
3. Avondale, AZ
4. Frisco, TX
5. Murrieta, CA
6. Temecula, CA
7. Corona, CA
8. Mckinney, TX
9. Folsom, CA
10. Spring Valley, NV

Many factors may influence what it takes to have one of the best cities to live in. Personally, I feel that job growth is a big factor. Why would someone get a degree and not have the job they worked so hard for? Another question that one may ask is why is the southwest such a big job growth region?

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Michael Dey said...

Interesting post. I agree job growth is an important area to study. I got into my major because of a high starting salary, and a promise of employment. In the few years between my entering college, and now, everyone else took my exact major, and now the demand has crashed. Companies were willing to pay through the nose for my degree, and now I'm a dime-a-dozen graduate. I believe that technilogical expertise adds a great deal of marketability to a graduate of today, and that will be my strong point upon graduation. As to your question regarding the southwest region as a strongpoint for development, I would guess that it has something to do with low tax in Nevada for registering businesses. I would bet there are a great deal of companies in the cities you mentioned that day-tripped to Vegas, registered the business there for tax reasons, and hit the slots before heading home. That's just my theory, it may also be that desert land is cheap...