Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cops Selling Drugs

On Thursday morning, Sheriff Harold Franklin Cassell and 12 of his duputies were arrested for selling guns and drugs to the public. According to the United States Attorney John Brownlee the guns and drugs were seized as part of there enforcement duties. They were taking from the evidence room and put back onto the streets.
Now, how do the people that pay taxes to keep the crime down and have Harold Franklin Cassell as Sheriff feel? All they are paying taxes for, is to keep the drugs and guns on the streets. This is a town I wouldn't want to live in.

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Greg Delemeester said...

Corruption is one of the nasty side effects of a black market. The prohibition of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana creates a very lucrative black market. The "boys in blue" are only human and subject to the same temptations as everyone else. Perhaps if we legalized drugs (and tightly regulate them as we do with alcohol) we would cut down on police and judicial corruption and thereby increase our respect for the rule of law.