Thursday, November 02, 2006

Going Green

With the price of gas still rising, new methods of fuel conservation have taken hold. The biggest advancement has been hybrid cars. Another big change has been the fact that many small third party companies have gotten in on the action, but that doesn't mean that the bigger car companies are not attempting to get in on the new wave. Research is being done in the field of plug in hybrid cars by Toyota. One such car promises to get gas mileage up to 100mpg. The draw back of these cars is that they carry less gas, more batteries and have to be plugged in to recharge. Car companies have said that the technology is still in development stages and it will be some time before these cars are on the market.


Trace said...
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Trace said...

It doesnt surprise me that the article states that smaller third parties are starting to enter the market. But why not, the new technology for the new hybrid car sounds promising considering we have to find new ways to power our vehicles