Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ford actually stepping outside the box?

Ford is introducing a new vehicle for the 2007 year. The vehicle is considered a cross-over, which means it is somewhere between an SUV and a car. The cross-over is the latest craze in the automobile industry. This is a different approach for Ford, most of their cars can be considered sort or conservative. Ford was never really known for using sharp anlges or even having weird looking cars come out, or atleast cars that don't come off a basic shape. The new cross-over that they are releasing is called the Edge. It is the second crossover that they have, the first being the Freestyle. The Freestyle was more of a glorified wagon. The Edge uses the same base as the Mazda cross-over, being that Ford a part of Mazda. This Onwership helps in using each others parts in new car manufacturing and making it cheaper. The downfall to the new cross-over is that it may be slitely over priced. The two-wheel drive basic model starts off at $25,320. This is close ot the starting price of the Explorer, the vehicle that the Edge is suspected to take sales from. It is susptected that people will buy the Edge rather than the Explorer. Ford is ok witht that as long as they can keep people buying Fords.

I think that Ford should just stick to what their known for, Suv's the Mustang and a few cars. This is what they are known and are popular for. Other companies are going to be able to sell their cross-overs and other such cars at a lower price than Ford.


Jordan Abrams said...

I agree that Ford should stick to the models of cars that they are known for. Besides Mustang and the Explorer I could not even name another model of car that Ford makes.

GMChamberlain said...

I think that because there is obviously a market for these crossovers Ford might as well try to get in on the profits. Their goal to keep people buying Fords is a good one. If this crossover lets a different generation buy Fords now, at a later time these same customers may move up to a more expensive SUV.