Friday, October 06, 2006

Trump's vodka 'over-the-top-luxury'

Many are familiar with Donald Trump, the tough-love business mogul who coined the phrase "You're fired." However, most are not familiar with the versatility of Trump's empire. In addition to real estate, "The Donald" produces a television show, a line of men's suits, watches, colognes, and bottled water and will soon release a top-self brand of vodka, Trump Super Premium Vodka.

Trump had stated that "Trump vodka be a major player in the vodka arena. We expect it to be a contender in the highest level." Once in the market, Trump Super Premium Vodka will compete against other top-self brands such as Grey Goose and Ketel One. The price for a one-liter bottle will be $30-$40 depending on each state.

The entrance of Trump into the spirits market comes when sales for top-self liquer has been been steadily rising due to America's shift from beer to cocktails. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, sales by volume of super-premium vodka grew 13.7 percent in 2005. No doubt that Trump sought an oppurtunity and is taking advantage of this change in the market. If only I had millions. I would definitly want a stake in the spirit market.


ScottieD said...

This is why Donald Trump is the multi-millionaire that he is, and will continue to gain wealth. He is a marketing genious. He finds opportunities in different products and uses them to his advantage, thus increasing his riches.

tianzhang said...

I think it is very interesting to be sensitive about the market and make wise investment decisions. When noticing the America’s shift from beer to cocktails and the steadily rising in sales for top-self liqueur in the spirits market, Donald Trumpt predicted that the demand curve for vodka would shift to the right, which would create a shortage at the current market. Afterwards, the price for vodka will increase in order to reach the equilibrium. It is a wise investment decision for Mr. Trumpt to join the spirits market because as more and more people become suppliers, there will be a rightward pressure on the supply curve and will push the price back to its original in the long term. Hence, the sooner the investor senses the changes, the more money they will make from changing market.

Shannon Glancy said...

Like him or not, he knows how to make money. I'm sure this venture will be profitable for him. Trump capitalizes on opportunity and isn't afraid of a calculated risk. Anyone can perform that combination of traits with some practice, whether you have millions to invest or not. It's nice that there are very rich people like Trump in the world, that way we can study what they have done and make our own millions/billions. At least that's my plan!!

Paige Burton said...

Just recently turning 21, I have had to face the burden of paying for alcohol by myself. Before I was 21, I would occasionally have a glass of wine at dinner with my parents, and I would party in college. However, in both situations, I would never be the one actually purchasing the alcohol. Now, since times have changed and I am the one buying, I have become extremely frugal. I buy the cheapest alcohol, because really, I cannot taste the difference. Take vodka for example. I think all vodka tastes the same; therefore, I will buy the cheapest brand on the shelves. Types and brand names, when it comes to alcohol, with me, are irrelevant. Donald Trump would not receive any business from me, especially with a bottle ranging from $30-40. However, I do know some people that will not drink alcohol unless it is a top-self brand. I guess they stick to the saying “Drink well, live well,” and would more than likely purchase Donald Trump’s vodka line.