Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Seatbelts Make Drivers Less Cautious

I believe in the statement "seatbelts make drivers less cautious" because they provide a false sense of security. When the economist Steven Landsberg suggests we should all drive around with a spear pointing straight into our chest, he is making the point that if we are scared enough, we will take extreme measures to save our lives. Yes, it would be frustrating and less productive to have to drive around at 5 miles per hour everywhere we go, however, how many lives would this save in the long run? Seatbelts are a good form of saving lives, but should we be more worried about saving lives or preventing crashes?

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RJackson18 said...

I agree with the statement "seatbelts make drivers less cautious". In Ohio, the legal driving age is 16. I have heard many argue the point that the minimum age should be raised to 18 but I think that's unfair. Because teens are the case of many accidents I do not think they should be punished for it. Just as many of the drugs we have studied thus far, government should place more mandatory restrictions on drivers like more in car hours. And those that abuse the privilege by drinking and driving should be subject to more stringent consequences. But teens are not the only violators of the law. Adults too should not be given any leeway. Adult often speed and break numerous traffic laws because they feel that they “own the road" since they have been driving for a long time.

No matter whom it is the sit belt has indeed saved many lives; although many teens think their too cool for them. Just by watching the news you can see the amount of fatal accidents, involving teens, that is often said the victims could had a chance of survival had they been wearing their seatbelt. I think law enforcement should step up and cite individuals who do not abide.