Thursday, October 05, 2006

Running with a Cause

50 marathons in 50 consecutive days, sounds impossible doesn't it? Sam Thompson, a Mississippi native, proved that it is possible, also, by having an effort to improve the disastrous area while accomplishing this feat. Thompson has ran a marathon (26.2 miles) every day in a a different state since July 1, 2006 to August 29. Sam had this motive two years ago, but when Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast, he put his "50 in 50 in 50" into action. His purpose is to raise awareness of the devastation that remains, and funds to continue the work of rebuilding homes and lives in the area, which will help restore the economic setback the the hurricane created.

When Sam Thompson was 17 he encountered a major setback. He suffered a shattered leg and pelvis and a broken jaw and collarbone. He had a titanium rod placed in his left tibia and was told when the leg healed that it would be shorter than his right leg. Doctors told him that his running days were over then. But Thompson has shown that it clearly isn't and this "Run for Hope" has made him a national icon and has been a great cause for the entire nation after Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. He is giving hope and an optimistic view for those residents. In my mind he is a hero. For what he has done, has proved what more people in the U.S. need to reflect on his actions and help our nation in the time of need.

With the money donated by people who are inspired what Thompson did and his meaning behind it, will rebuild numerous houses and rebuild numerous lives. The money won't restore the economy in Mississippi by any means but it will contribute and get the economic situation back on its feet. Will those places ever be restored completely as they were before Katrina hit? There is no doubt that what Sam Thompson has done will help that area, but are these actions by a single person make a difference in a state? In the country? Or will they just be forgotten and of no importance?


TaylorKaram said...

What Thompson is doing is undoubtedly courageous, and he definitely deserves praise for it. I think that the impact of his run will be directly proportionate to the amount of publicity he receives. If he were able to get the media involved on a national level, he would undoubedly get more support. However, from an economic standpoint, it's assumed that a person will generally serve his own self-interests. Although Thompson seems to be the exception to this idea, I doubt that the general population will be so altruistic as to cause any real changes in the Mississippi economy through their donations.

MattPhillips said...

I agree with Taylor that this is a very noble effort in what Thompson is doing and trying to accomplish and also think the point made about economically speaking people look out for themselves and this instance being an exception is a great point. I also agree that despite his efforts there will be no real changes in the economy. I know that numerous professional football players have donated hefty sums to try to re-build what Katrina did but I don't think that one single person nor one single organization will be able to reconstruct the damage that has been done. Only time will heal this matter.