Monday, October 30, 2006

The 10 best U.S. cities to find a job

Almost all college graduates want to find a good job with high salaries. It is common that people would like to head to big cities for better life. Many job hunters believe that the job offered in such big cities as New York and Los Angeles will give them a better life. Meanwhile, they ignore a big problem. Job opportunities in these cities are very limited and highly competitive. These big cities are already highly developed, so there are not many chances for job hunters. As the data shows, Detroit and New Orleans are the two worst cities to get a job. New York is the 96th out of 100. Chicago is the 93rd. San Francisco and Los Angeles are 87th and 85th.

So why don’t we try different cities? In the list, Washington DC is the best place to find a job. Since Washington DC is the nation’s capital, it did not suffer much from the recession in 2001. Orlando, Fla, the fourth on the list is famous for tourism in recent years. Richmond, Va. the 6th on the list is very close to Washington, many big companies are located there to avoid the high cost in Washington.

When you are hunting for a job, do not just stick to those competitive cities. Consider the cities ranked in top 10.

Top 10 cities for job hunting

Rank City
1 Washington D.C.
2 Phoenix
3 Las Vegas
4 Orlando, Fla.
5 Bethesda, Md.
6 Richmond, Va.
7 Raleigh, N.C.
8 Jacksonville, Fla.
9 Oklahoma City
10 Virginia Beach, Va.


MalloryH said...

I never would have thought of going to some of the places on the list to search for a job. But it is good to know where to go considering in a few years I will be looking for a job.

JBrossart said...

A word to the wise, being a DC area resident I would advise that the living expenses in the DC, Richmond, Bethesda area are quite high. What might appear to be a high level salary may allow you to just live comfortably. The average townhouse where I live in Maryland sells for $725,000 and these are small and poorly placed town-homes. The average new four bed room home will sell for nearly $1.2 million. Keep this in mind when moving to the DC area, remember the farther you are from DC the cheaper life is.