Thursday, October 05, 2006

Immigration Into The US

The United States of America has been a popular county for immigration for centuries. According to an article on immigration, the main reason why everybody wants to go to US is because if they would go somewhere like France or Japan although they would get higher wages, there is a much greater chance of getting harassed, arrested or deported in those countries as opposed to US.
People from just about every country have tried to immigrate into the US. Cuban immigration has been a recent common occurance. Asian Americans find it easiest to travel in overcrowded boats, but some came on planes. In 1962, commercial air-flights from Cuba to the U.S. were suspended due to the steady increase of immigration. Cubans mostly travel on boats as well. The most popular city in the US for Cubans is Miami, due to it being a ocean bordering city in Flordia. Like all the other cultures Chinese Americans settled in all parts of the country. However most of them settled in China Town and other similar places in the big towns.
Most of the Chinese immigrants in the US are illegal. The reason for this is because China doesn't let too many people leave and the US also placed it's quotas on the amount of people that are allowed to come in. Legal immigrants have the same opportunities as normal Americans providing that they know English. If they dont know English than they have to work in seperate communties, where there is a great demand for jobs and replacing workers is easy to come by. A question that one might ask themselfs while reviewing this subject is, do immigrants have a negative affect on our economy?


Jordan Abrams said...

With the immigration laws that are in place now, I do not think that immigrants have a negative affect on the American economy. But I do think that illegal immigrants could cause a negative affect with employment of lower wage jobs.

Michael Dey said...

Of course immigrants have a negative effect on our economy. Not only do they steal jobs, they are drains on our economy. Illegal immigrants don't collect a check from their employer, they are payed under the table. The government recieves no tax revenue from illegal immigrants, and yet illegal immigrants recieve benefits paid for with taxes. It seems to be a celebrity cause these days-- open the border, it's the "American Way, the American Dream." I think this is a wonderful sentiment to carry, our country is the greatest nation in the world. However, I think the needs of our tax-paying, lawful citizens need to be addressed before we go out and give everything away for free to immigrants. It's wonderful that immigrants do the jobs Americans don't want to, I've heard this argument and I agree. The average American laughs at working landscaping or garbage collection. However, if we blocked illegals successfully, maybe, just maybe-- we'd see a positive impact on our economy. Employers looking to fill these less-than-desirable positions would pay more, and thus stimulate our economy.

brandon_crane said...

I think that immigrants have a positive effect on the American economy, because many perform jobs that our society needs, but that most Americans are not interested in performing because the wages are too low. I believe, however, that it is important that immigrants learn to speak and read English so that they can understand rules and instructions, and also be able to vote and convey ideas effectively.