Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Teenage Steroids

Teenagers that play sports try to push them self to the limit to get stronger. They start as early as 8th grade up to their senior year of high school. The steroid not only sets the teenagers for heavier drug taking but it also mess with there behavior and mood swings , hallucinations and paranoia; liver damage; high blood pressure. Steroids bring depression to the user, brings you down and also trends to mess with your brain. The current study tried to inject the steroid into hamster’s to see how they would react with each other, the hamper’s "still defend their turf, learning aggression during puberty by play-fighting, much like humans". Steroids are not for everyone, if the body doesn’t take it in right it may cause you to die.

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VaNeSsA said...

Steroids are very popular in the US, especially with guys. I know several males who have debated on taking this harmful drug, not realizing that it could hurt them in the long run. For example, some people use in order to bulk up for a sport, but the real question is, how long will you use, because the chances of every athlete on "Roids" do not go professional. When you think about this subject, could this be a factor related to women living longer than men, and men fighting more than women?