Thursday, October 05, 2006

Drinking in a freshman dorm/hall

Is it worth it to drink in a freshman dorm?
I myself like the taste of alcohol. I only drink with my parents and in my house. That way I am legal. If I wanted to bring a couple of beers into my room, it would be easy. I could get someone to buy the beer for me, I could put it into my book bag, and put it into my frig. If I only drank them by myself, I would be able to keep it quite and never worry about being caught. Whenever I had empties, I could put them in a trash bag and take them to a dumpster outside and no one would ever know. Say I was caught, how bad would the penalty be? I had a couple of my friends get into trouble with this same problem, and all they received for punishment was a $100 fine split-up between the three of them, a warning, and a ten our work penalty. Your parents are not even notified until the second offence. You can find the alcohol policies at There is the factor of only having three strikes though. Would the chance of getting your first strike during your first year make you not want to do it? Another factor is if the person is on a sports team. You are not taken off the team until the second penalty. The punishment from your coach would be worse than the punishment from the school. So, would it be worth it? If you are smart with how you do it, you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage whenever you want, and there is a very small chance of being caught. I think that the chances are in the favor of the freshman that wants to get a little buzz on every now and then.


MattPhillips said...

I personally feel the alcohol code is garbage, especially for those who enjoy extracurricular activities. However, that's merely an opinion, a very biased one at that. I do see where the college is coming from on the other by making the rule more strict. The object of college is to get a degree, get a job, then be successful, not to drink yourself stupid especially when your underage. A lot of complaints have been made about this policy and I have agreed with some, but the fact is that underage drinking is illegal. No matter what college you go to similiar rules are now being enforced in the dorms. In conclusion a wise decision for those who want to drink freely should pick another college to go to preferably much bigger with more off campus places to drink.

WhitMill said...

When it comes to the alcohol policy on campus there is a lot of wiggle room. This is because Senate fought to have a policy that might actually do something. It is true that if you really wanted to drink on this campus you could, and you would propably get away with it. The policy was changed so that the students would not just disregard it. Drinking underage is illegal, plain and simple. This policy may not be the best, but it is what we could do last year.