Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Instant Rush. No Crash!"

In the market for energy drinks, the aim is to advertise more caffine and more buzz. Now there is one energy drink that has surpassed all the rest and is creating quite a stir.

Not too long ago, a Las Vegas beverage maker came out with his version of an energy drink that promises the euphoria of drugs. While the buzzing drink contains no narcotics, its claim is "Instant Rush. No Crash!" The new drink is called Cocaine, a very good description of of it's promise. This, as you can imagine, has outraged lawmakers even though the "high" is only from high amounts of sugar and caffeine. The Cocaine Energy Drink 280 mg of caffeine, that's 200 mg more than the average cup of coffee! Experts in drugs and nutrition are very concerned about this new drink frenzy. Besides the health issues with this drink, that are obvious by the amounts of caffeine and sugar that are poured into the making of this "drug," people are worried that it's provocative name and luring effects will confuse kids and teenagers. I think I may have to agree. Who's to say that a kid who drinks "cocaine," will find a harm in smoking or snorting it? This drink almost disrupts the nations efforts in the war on drugs. Kids won't understand the difference when they see the heavily advertised drink on every interent page with a catchy, alluring name. Who doesn't want to feel good? These drinks can do that for you. (Subliminal message: So can drugs and alcohol. If this drink named after the popular drug is ok, maybe the drug is too.) But the maker of this drink feels that the name of it will enable parents and kids to talk about what is really out there and the dangerous effects those drugs have. I feel this is almost contradictory. He's promoting the feeling of drugs, but not the drugs themselves when he's named his new found drink after it?


mhahn said...

WOW! I am surprised that something hasn't been done to take this drink off the shelves. Not only will it make kids think the drug itself is ok but now parents are going to have to be even more cautious about what their kids are involved in and talk to them sooner.

krysten12 said...

First of all, the name of the drink, COCAINE, should raise the first red flag for anyone looking to purchase this energy drink. I can't believe that no one has done anything to remove this drink from production. Secondly, if a kid drinks this and believes that the energy drink is really 'liquid cocaine', what is going to stop them from trying the real thing? I am absolutely shocked that a company would use the name of an illegal, highly addictive drug to sell a product.

JP Clift said...

An easy way to get rid of this drink is by not doing anything at all! The company will start to catch on that no one likes this product when the demand is so low that it forces them out of business. Hopefully they will get so in debt by producing this unwanted product that they wont ever be able to ponder about such ridiculous ideas ever again. As you can tell, i'm not a big fan of Cocaine.