Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trouble before the Olympics

The Chinese government has created a type of monopoly on the internet. They have control over the internet in china and control what people are allowed to see on it. This is becoming a major controversy with the Olympics edging closer because they are limiting what sites the media will be able to access. Normally, the Chinese government regulates what sites their citizens are able to access, however they promised that they would life the restrictions for the media during the Olympics. Overall the internet is not a monopoly because more than one company has access to the internet. In away I believe the Chinese government creates the internet an artificially scarce good as well by controlling who uses it and the websites. I will leave this up for discussion, so please tell me what do you believe china is doing and is it right or not?

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christa schott said...

What China is doing in their eyes is a good thing they are keeping knowledge from their citizens about the things that go on around the world whether it is good or bad. However, during the Olympics journalist need to be able to access these sites (and I am assuming that they are blocking news sites) to keep up with the rest of the world. However, I do not believe that the government has a monopoly on this. I think your more on the right track by saying this is a scarce good, but I think it may be more of a common resource they aren’t stopping their people because they aren’t paying, but they are making it rival by blocking (kind of like the government is using them so the rest of the country cannot) these sites.