Thursday, July 31, 2008

Exxon breaks own record for biggest-ever profit

In the heat of summer who is really feeling the burn of high oil prices the oil companies or the consumer? Exxon Mobil Corporation, which is based in Irving, Texas, broke a new record Thursday with the biggest quarterly profit ever made by a U.S. company of $11.68 billion (with a 40% increase in revenue from the last quarter). However, this increase in profit fell short of expectations due in part to the balance of increased oil and natural gas prices, but a decrease in sales volume and higher operating costs. Although, we as consumers can sometimes think that the oil companies are setting ridiculous prices it is all in part to supply and demand. With the lowered supply over the past several months the demand is not being met, so higher prices are bring down the demand. By using a demand curve the oil companies are setting the price that will allow their supply to meet their demand. However, the oil companies aren’t being hurt as much by the 8% decrease in crude oil production as some consumers considering Exxon Mobil holds the record for at least the top six most profitable quarters and largest annual profit for American based companies. Exxon Mobil is not the only one making huge profits right now. A Europe based company Royal Dutch Shell fell just short of Exxon’s Thursday high this quarter. So who is feeling the burn more? It is hard to say, but the increased gas prices are becoming an economic crisis for most Americans.

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Jordan Stryker said...

It is very obvious that the everyday consumer is being hit by this burn. I do not think it is by chance that the CEOs of exxon mobile are now all in the worlds 100 top wealthiest people in the world. This is obvious price gauging. They are going to ride this train as long as they can. The oil companies can and should bring down the cost. They can obviously afford it.