Thursday, July 31, 2008

GM calls reports of salaried jobs cut accurate

Who wants a new car right now? That is what the General Motors Corporation (GM) would like to know. With gas prices at an all time high and a weak economy, many Americans are not headed to the car dealerships like they were a few years ago. The whole industry in the U.S. has fell 10% in the last year, and GM fell below the average at 16%. In addition, their shares hit a 54-year low in July and things are not looking better for the future months. This is leading GM to cut 15% of U.S. and Canadian salaried workers by November 1. Their plan is to reduce white-collar costs by more than 20% to reduce the amount of layoffs needed. GM is not the only company feeling the strain Ford and Chrysler have also announced salaried layoffs. The demand for the market is no longer present in our society now. The cost is greater than the demand therefore cut backs are being made now to save the company in the end. So who wants a new car right now? I think most of us would love to have a new car right now, but who is going to buy one? The person whose price meets demand will buy a car.

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Devin Turley said...

This is a great example of what the crack in the economy and the increased gas prices has lead to. The car companies will have to find some other strategy to get their profits up.