Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flying Without Luggage

As if losing your luggage through the airlines isn't bad enough, how about meeting it when you reach your destination, after you send it separately? Some people are opting out of checking their luggage are are sending it ahead of time. Delta Airlines has announced that they would start charging $50 instead of $25 for just one extra bag. This increase doesn't include the extra cost for bags exceeding the weight or size limit. Although Delta is the only company as of now that has raised their prices, the other companies are expected to follow suit.
FedEx and UPS are the two most promising ways to go in shipping luggage, but the trouble is, how soon do you send it. In choosing this option, it would be necessary to pack well in advance and have your luggage well on its way at least five days before your expected arrival. And all for comparable cost to what you are paying to check the luggage in the first place. The biggest advantage lies in the idea that shipping the luggage gives you the option to use delivery confirmation and insurance on lost luggage. Airlines however, don't guarantee anything lost in route.
So after contacting your hotel to assure they accept early arrival luggage, making sure you haven't packed any "dangerous goods", like aerosol spray, perfume, cologne and nail polish remover, and preparing well in advance, the question that lies is, "Is it worth it?" Would the benefits from shipping your luggage outweigh the extra $25 per extra bag? I say, pack lighter, shoot for one suitcase and a carry-on and you're set.


Neil Boyer said...

Another disadvantage to mailing your luggage is mailing it back to your house. If you have to mail it five days in advance then it would be almost pointless for most business men and women. It seems that for it to be a benefit the person flying would need to fly to a place for at least 3 weeks or more.

christa schott said...

The only advantage I see to mailing your luggage is if you were going somewhere for an extended stay, or had to ship something really big and important. Other than that, the stress of having to pack a week in advance, and finding things through out that remaining week that you need anyway would just cause you to take another bag. Economically it does not make since to send bags ahead of time unless you are carrying something extremely valuable.