Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chrysler Needs Back Up

Is it any surprise that Chrysler or any car manufactuer is struggling in times like this? Chrysler has tried to take promotional avenues that would increase the cars being purchased but they have not been successful. They have decided, instead of calling it quits they are going to pair up with foriegn auto producers. Chrysler claims this will help their never ending drop in sales. There has been some descussion that not only selling cars over seas but making them too will be the primary focus especially for the jeep like vehicles. We all know now that anything the is a SUV or Truck is no longer wanted due to the increases in fuel prices, so instead of completley shutting off the making of these vehicles they are going to seel the ones they can in the U.S. over seas. Also, Chrysler is looking for ways to spend less money in the car making process. They are strongly leaning on having the building of the cars be done over seas for the cheaper labor costs. Chrysler is also trying to cut cost by offering early retirement packages and other early benefits. Chrysler is trying to stay in business because there top selling vehicles are Trucks and SUV's so they will do what is necessary to stay competitve in that Market.

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Neil Boyer said...

Is article is very correct because Chrysler is having problems because of the increase in gas prices which leads to people not wanting to buy trucks and/or SUV's. I do want to mention thought that this is not the only reason they are having such problems. For to many years they have been trying to cut cost, which leads to cheaply made vehicles. Throughout the 90's and even through 2002 maybe new models have had numerous recalls on their vehicles. Consumers are tired of buying cheaply made cars that get bad gas mileage.