Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tobacco regulation bill

A billed passed on capital hill today that places sharper restrictions on access tobacco and marketing and advertising of companies. It is in hope that the younger generations will not be persuaded to smoke making then live longer and have less of a risk for heart disease and lung cancer. The bill would allow the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, to watch labelling of cigarettes and recall some that are seen as unreasonably harmful. As you know in our youth the negative externalities of smoking becomes cancer which makes generations not last as long and the economy in turn suffers from a smaller market. Although White House administration recommends a presidential veto , we will just have to wait and see what happens in the weeks to come and if the bill will be good or bad for the economy.

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Jessica Hutchison said...

Even though the FDA, etc. are putting restrictions on the marketing of cigaretts and other harmful, addictive substances, does not mean that it will hender the younger adult consumption. To be honest, compared to my parents generation, less and less more recent generations are smoking. It seems the FDA and other administrations try to completley wipe away these addictive substances. The next thing we know they will ban caffine in its intirety!