Saturday, September 23, 2006

Make College Cheaper

For almost every college student, to pay for college is always a problem. Undoubtedly, tuition is the biggest part of the total charge and people can hardly find any way to save money from this. The best situation ever is, of course, a student has a full scholarship. But for most other students, they still have to pay college by themselves or their parents. Obviously, tuitions give college students a lot of burden. However, there is still another big part of expense for college.
Books in the US are extremely expensive. It is not surprising that a student spends five hundred bucks on books at a bookstore at the beginning of a semester. This expense can be trimmed a great deal in a way provided by Davis. Actually, many college students are doing this to save their college expense, like buying books online. But some students are still concerned about the time they would spend online to get a book, especially at the beginning of a semester when people are busy settling down in their dorms. Hopefully, in many colleges, people can start to choose courses early in the middle of the previous semester. In such a way, you don’t have to rush to do everything at the beginning of a new semester and can start your book plan at the previous mid-term. Also, selling your used books, either in an auction on campus or online can add some bucks to your pocket.
Cell phone cost is also part of college expense. To save money, students can choose suitable rate plan for themselves. You can estimate how much you would pay for each rate plan and choose the one that costs you least. In many colleges, they offer free phone call on campus and in dorms. So if your cell phone service charge you respectively on each call you make, you’d better use the dorm phone to save money.
If you carefully manage your college expense, you can save a lot of money. What have you done to cut your expense?


Hailee said...

I have to agree, college is an expensive thing to do. Especially with my family, my sister, who is just a sophomore, and I are both attending college at the same time. That is double the money. We saved almost 300 dollars each on books by buying our books online. However, the prices of books and college tuition keep rising, and we pay it. We have to in order to get that college degree and make the living that we want. The cost of going to college is exceeded by the want to do well in life and have that great job with money.

Matt Sleyzak said...

I would also have to agree pn the fact that college is very expensive. Not only do people have to pay for tuition and books, but if you are an athlete you have to pay for shoes and other expensive needed accessories. Yes, buying books online does save money but the college eventually finds ways to pull that money back out of your pockets. One example of this is the parking passes. Parking passes this year were fourty dollars, and most people would say, yeah fourty dollars is a lot cheaper than two hundred for online bookk. But what about after parking tickets and other various tickets. In college there is no way to escape spending money, because once you avoid one expense theres always another one pulling money out of your pockets.

Shannon Glancy said...

I've moved off campus. That has saved me a lot of money. Plus I can eat when, where, and what I want. I also have the privacy that I was missing out on when I lived on the campus. Besides that, i try to work as much as possible through the year, but especially during the summer. I also am very careful how much money i spend on fast food and going out to the bars. I noticed that if you don't watch it, that stuff could add up quick. In the end, college is usually a good investment though. It not only gives you the opportunity to ensure steady employment, but also allows you to do what you want to do instead of what you have to do to get by.

Keith Zeigler said...

As any Marietta College student could tell you, a college degree is starting to become too expensive. It is true that students have options such as attending a small liberal arts college (i.e. Marietta), going to large state schools (Ohio State), or attending smaller, more local community colleges (Lorain County Community College). The tuition is undoubtedly the major cost that separates a small liberal arts school from the larger, more affordable state and community schools. But why in Ohio, for example, is there no price ceiling on how much a small liberal arts school can charge for tuition? If we the students truly are the future of America, why are we being charged so much to gain the tools necessary for both America's financial success in the future as well as our own success? More often every day, a meaningful college degree is essential to succeed. What is to stop the price that schools can charge for tuition to keep from rising to the point where it becomes unaffordable to the majority?

Tori Taylor said...

College expenses are definately more than they should be.Tuition is the first major expense. I am fortunate that my parents are helping pay for my college education, but I am also the third child they have put through Marietta College. This makes it very difficult for them to buy things they want because most of their money goes to the college. I did save some money by buying used books at the bookstore, but I stilled paid a good $500. That is too much money for something that has already been used. I wish that college wasn't so expensive so that more people would be able to further their educations and obtain a good job in thier future.