Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Healthier Change???

A proposal in New York is being discussed about a ban similar to that of the smoking ban. The product being discussed is Trans fat in fast food restaurants. Thomas Frieden, a health commissioner, stated that “Trans fat is a dangerous and unnecessary ingredient.” This proposal will affect all fast food restaurants, including the famous McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s. If this ban is put in place there will be consequences. Chefs and restaurants will be fined if they are caught using certain banned ingredients. The question is, will fast-food restaurants lose income/consumers due to the possible change of ingredient, which could lead to a change in overall taste and satisfaction? Do you believe this ban should be passed? I believe that this change will not lead American’s towards better health; consumers may just eat more, which eliminates the healthy aspect of this change. All in all, changing an ingredient will only help guide the consumer through the steps of a healthier lifestyle. It’s the lifestyle that needs to be changed, not the product. People need to exercise along with eating properly in order to see and feel healthier. What is your opinion on this subject?


Matt Sleyzak said...

Yeah i agree, its not the ingredients in food people eat, but rather the food and amounts people eat. If people just exercized and ate healthier than we wouldnt have all this talk about dieting and banning of products. People who complain about these products are the same people who are just lazy and eat non stop instead of giving a damn and eating healthier and making a change for themselves. So i would have to disagree on this ban and also state if people want to be skinny and healthy then actually do something to get that way.

katiedickson said...

A change of ingredients isn't going to keep people from eating in today's world. America is FAT. (I'll just put that out there now) It seems that people want to have the best of both worlds by eating themselves overweight, and yet stay slim. I agree with Matt that the same people who are making the largest fuss about dieting and health problems, are the ones who don't have enough willpower and self-discipline to do something about the problem.
There are so many other factors that come into play in making Amercans healthier other than diet itself. It is time people focus on the other aspects that play a role in their own health.