Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rudolph Pleads Guilty To Bomb Attacks

Eric Rudolph, the Olympic Games bomber, pleaded guilty to the attacks and to abortion clinics and gay night clubs. Yesterday the defense released what they are calling a "manifesto" in which Rudolph gives the reasoning behind his actions. Among his reasons were that he hated the government for letting abortion go on. He called the government's dealing with abortion a "holocaust". He also said the reason why he set those bombs off during the Olympic Games was to "embarrass the government in the eyes of the world for its abominable sanctioning of abortion on demand." He apologized to the famile of the civilians injured and killed claiming that he meant to kill government personel such as police and individuals of that type of occupation. Rudolph claims to be a Catholic by faith. Would you consider a person like this someone who attacked the lives of many a religious man? Do you think he is just crazy? And what do you think about him pleading his guilt in order to save his own life since his guilty pleas save him from the death penalty?


Morgan K. said...

To me, it sounds like he's crazy. Not only that, but a hypocrit. He's terrorizing the government for the taking of young lives, when he's obviously done the same things. Only in his case.. the people who's lives he took were with out a question.. already living beings... he's definatly crazy.

Ben B. said...

I think that a fine line can be drawn between a religious extremist and a “crazy” individual. Whether he is “crazy” or not, it is difficult to determine. I believe that it is easy to consider an individual like him to be “crazy.” Immediately he is dismissed and no longer stands for any moral principles. What is difficult is to think that he may actually be very sane, because then people may actually give weight to his beliefs, not his methods but his beliefs.