Friday, April 15, 2005

ROBO DOC:When We Thought Technology Couldn't Go Any Further

There has been a new invention to eliminate the injuries and deaths to all doctors working on the front lines during war. Doctors and scientists have created a Trauma Pod called Robo Doc. This machine, costing 12 million dollars, allows doctors to no longer be physically needed at war. When a soldier gets injured, the robot will detect them falling to the ground, drive over to the soldier. They will pick the body up and place inside the machine. Here, various Dr's over 100 miles away from the battle site, will use satellites and computers to view what is going on inside the robot. The Dr's will then access the situation, and by joysticks and other machines, they will tell the robot what to do and how to operate on the human. The robot will be able to incert IV's, chest tubes, clean airways, make incisions, and other medical performances. The only problems are that if there is 1 second of delay from the computer to the satellite, it could create life threatening problems to the soldier. How would you feel if you were a soldier and you knew that if you were injured, you would have a robot working on you? Is this a good idea and is it worth 12 million dollars? What do you think?

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mattcomer said...

I think this is a bad idea. Our war tactics have become more technological than they should be. We need to keep humans operating on humans. I would be angry to be the subject of what I believe to be a video game but with real people. These doctors would also not be living up to the reason why they would be in the armed forces. When they enlist, they know there are chances taken. It would also be a waste of their medical education because they would not be actually operating on the human. The only good thing that would come from this idea is that another soldier would not be killed carrying the injured body of another soldier.