Thursday, April 21, 2005

NFL Draft

The NFL draft is coming up Saturday. What teams are going to have the upperhand in picking? What collegiate superstars are going to picked early? How are the picks going to affect the 2005-2006 season?

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Andy Glazier said...

The first few rounds of the NFL draft are officially over and there were some big picks that took place today. It amazes me how much these first round picks are being paid. Right out of college these athletes are making enough money in one year to basically support their families for a long time. The bonus for being a first round pick is unbelievable. Some of these young superstars are literally getting the superstar treatment early. The money involved in pro sports these days is unbelievable. Even in the NBA and MLB, money is thrown around like it is nothing. One interesting statistic about Kevin Garnett (NBA) is that he is making $85 for every second he is on the court of an NBA game, and now that the Timberwolves are in the playoffs, his bank account is skyrocketing.