Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope

Live from Rome, the announcement of the new Pope.

It has been announced that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany has been appointed the new Pope. He has chosen the name of Pope Benedict XVI.

This is indeed an important day in history and a turning point for the Catholic Church. I don't know much about the Catholic Church, but many have stated that the chosen name often carries heavy significance as far as his views and direction during his time as Pope. Some have also discussed possible controversy arising from the chosen name seeing that Pope Benedict XV was one of anti-modernist views.

Just wondering what some people here on campus think of today's happenings and what they feel is the meaning behind the chosen name. How do they feel about a 78 year-old German Cardinal being elected Pope?


Rachel Ruth said...

I haven't paid too much attention to it, David, but my only comment would be can they not find anyone yonger????? I mean 78!

Elizabeth Nowry said...

I think even more important than the name chosen by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is the reason behind the College of Cardinals selecting him as the 256th pope.

John Paul II reigned for 26 years. That is a very long time. The Vatican wanted a transitional pope- someone who would continue John Paul's legacy, but someone who wouldn't serve for another quarter decade. Ratzinger fits the description perfectly. Not only was he a close friend and confidant of John Paul, but at 78 years old, he will probably serve in the position for only a few years.

I only know what I've read in news articles, but Ratzinger seems like the perfect choice for the type of pope the Vatican was looking for.

chenna said...

Interesting yes, a 78 year old Pope selected in less than three days. I find it very fascinating for several reasons. His age for starters. Pope John Paul II was about 58 when he was chosen to become Pope...some 20 years younger than his successor. Personally I think Pope Benedict XV was chosen as a stand-in Pope, due to his age and other factors going on within the church. The Catholic church has something on their minds,and the person they feel should be really leading the church is somewhere waiting in the wings.

Additionally, I think the Catholic Church is in a bit of a transition due to the "special attention" it has received recenlty in America's courts. Pope Benedict XV is widely known as a hardliner, and I feel that he was chosen to possible shake things up within the Catholic Church, bringing a more traditional platform.

Lastly I feel that the the naming of the new Pope will have implications on financial markets across the world, but time will tell what those effects will be and how longstanding any changes might last.

Ashley Schafer said...

I know a little bit about Catholicism considering I am one. I am not your traditional Catholic because I am a bit radical. I believe in contraceptives, sex before marriage, and under certain circumstances abortion.

I am not greatly happy about the choice of the new pope. But I also feel the pope doesn't really do a whole lot. He is more of a figure head than anything.

I do not understand why they would pick someone who is 78 years old. I mean they just had one pope who was in a wheelchair and this one is getting pretty close to it.
Honestly the man from Nicaragu would have been a better choice in my eyes.