Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Record Drug Bust in Afghanistan

In just one hit on Wednesday, the Afghan counter narcotics uncovered over $400 million dollars worth of hashish. Under six foot trenches, 260 ton of hashish was recovered in what is predicted to be possibly the biggest drug bust of all time. Hashish is a concentrated form of marijuana. To put it into better perspective, it is said that the hashish weighs up to 30 London double decker buses. Even though this sounds like a serious bust, the hashish is not even the leading produced drug in Afghanistan. Opium, is produced heavily throughout the country and just last year 9,000 tons produced were recorded. Over 90 percent of the world's supply comes from this source.
Recently, officials have given warning of crack-down on the opium production to farmers and instead cannabis plants have been grown. In result, the country has a second drug problem to battle.
Drug dealers across the nation have been arrested and the police have taken account for a large portion of the opium production across the lands. However, if such business is being targeted and shut down, how will these farmers survive? Much of their crop is illegal, and police officials are being killed through the raids. Is crashing such a large market worth the risk of lives? These drugs are produced in other areas across the world and although Afghanistan is currently a top supplier, would it not be just as easy to move the locations of production? With this bust behind officials, what is the best route to continue to follow?

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