Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Demise of Suburbia

The price of gas is causing many people to rethink the way that they love their lives. Be it the vehicle they drive or how high/low they set the thermostat, but one thing is for certain, the rise in gad prices is driving those that live in suburban areas to move into the cities or at least closer. 

People can no longer afford to refill their propane tanks for heating, or pay that costly furl price if one makes a hour long commute everyday. However this only presents complications. Firstly, the decline in property value of suburban homes and an increase in city homes. People want to move into the city but find themselves either unable to find a place to live or are unable to pay the increasingly high monthly rates. So are we seeing a reverse in how Americans live their lives? 


Jessica Hutchison said...

I don't think there is any change in the American way of life due to the increasing fuel prices. I have notcied people who do not need SUV's or Trucks are trading in their vehicles for fuel efficient cars; however, people that have SUV's or trucks usually have them for a reason. These people have these types of vehicles for work or because the have large families or usually have a boat or something attached to the back of it. There is not an overall total change in the way Americans live, but it is interesting to see how quick people complain about how much gas they use.

katiedickson said...

I have noticed a huge change in the number of people actually taking advantage of car-pooling. For years, I have car-pooled with siblings into Marietta for work, as we live 20 miles from downtown. We were raised to understand what a huge advantage this option provides. In speaking with friends though, I have noticed that we had a different attitude than most people. Although we didn't always get along, it was still the best option. More often than not I heard people saying that they didn't want to ride with co-workers because they spent enough time together while on the job. Since the rise in gas prices, the same people have much changed their attitudes, and gotten over the social limitations and are car-pooling to better their own personal lifestyle. (Or in most cases, maintain one of satisfaction)