Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gas Prices Down

As most of us have notice gas prices have been going down this summer. This can be contributed to the fact that American refineries have started to reopen and up the production levels. However, with companies out trying to make a penny over paying at the pumps will still occur, due to the fact that it is summer and people are going on vacations. As more and more people start travailing and companies are cashing off on this perhaps this is also another indicator the the economy is recovering. Over the summer so far gas prices, depending on where you live, have dropped by about 30 cents thanks to the fact that the America Midwest refineries are recovering and producing more.


Hannah Schneider said...

This is definitely interesting. I travel a lot going back and forth from school and home and now the east coast living and working here. Gas is definitely cheaper in the Midwest and east coast due to the refineries, but on the west coast where I am originally from, the prices still sit in the $4.00 range. I just returned from the Bahamas where gas is over $5.00. Its ridiculous, but hopefully people will wake up and help by cutting down on over populating the roads.

Jordan Slavin said...

On the way driving to Houston from West Virginia the gas prices dropped from $3.14 to about $2.70. It is cheaper to take it places closer to the refineries that are closer to places such a Houston. I don't think however that people are going to help cut down on over populating the roads no since the price is down a little more then last year and also its summer. I believe that when we start heading back to school that the prices will go back up. The companies will raise the price because of less travel and less profit. They know people in America need the gas and they know we are willing to pay for it when we need it.